Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Ventures a la Sanshin (NaBloPoMo #13)

This embedded video above is of Yuki and Akira. Yuki on the right is one of Terukina-sensei's sons. Terukina Choichi-sensei is my sanshin teacher in Okinawa. Terukina-sensei is coming to Los Angeles in March which was the impetus for us to put together a small recital for our group known best as Choichi Kai. The recital which I will write more about soon, is taking place on March 19. We are calling it 3 Strings: Songs of Okinawa..

Akira on the left, now a young man is the quite little squirt that used to come to the dojo when I was living in Okinawa. He was about middle school age when I first met him in 2000 or 2001. Now he's one of the bright young stars of the Terukina dojo.

Apparently you can find this Ventures song, Pipeline, being covered as a 'hayabiki' (quick play) song in my live houses in Okinawa. Here is their rendition of The Ventures.

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