Friday, February 18, 2011

Souful communication (NaBloPoMo #17)

Tonight I'm a little tired.

Sterling and I had a significant talk tonight. There were some things that happened in the day, people with whom he had spent time with that left residual thoughts and feelings. We touched upon our future. Another heart-to-heart about the things that challenge us, things we fear and things we dare hope for.

Soulful communication... we both are communicators--we like words, we like expression, we like being heard and understood and we like to know and accept the others' words. When we debate or argue, it can be mesmerizing because we can follow the intricate patterns woven with logic and agility. Sometimes, it's the mad sprint and the sudden stop, reverse, forward.

There are amusing moments that the speed in which our banter and fencing of words dizzy even me, but he's right there, not missing a beat and in fact, reinforces my own footing. What delight!There's no other person I'd rather be parrying with!

November 2010 @Enisha's wedding
It's been a long week. One day more yet and the three day weekend arrives. Need to refresh....

I want some good sleep..... Zzzzzz..... good night.... it's just past midnight on the 18th.....

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