Sunday, February 13, 2011

Late night restlessness (NaBloPoMo #12)

Restless, restless, restless.

A little frustrated. Can't exactly pinpoint the cause, but I'm taking it out a bit on my honey. We spent an idyllic day together.... perhaps it's just all the things that still remain in the brain of things that need to be done... A little resentful that I couldn't completely let go to enjoy the day.

We did run around to post some of the posters at local markets/restaurants for our upcoming sanshin recital.

Also, not looking forward to the interns which begin on Monday. (Maybe it won't be that bad...?)

Tomorrow, there is a luncheon to attend in Montebello and then sanshin practice. I chose to go to the luncheon to support someone, but I kind of wish I could have that time for myself. Really need to work on clearing the calendar on the weekends. Sacred.

Time and how we spend it - an area of much discussion. My honey has been great about my overly busy schedule. In fact, these days, I think I'm more dissatisfied and annoyed at my schedule. I guess I'm just finding that my priorities are still shifting. I worry at some point, I may not want to be involved in much of my extracurricular activities. It's a very strange thought...

Valentine's is coming up, of course.... Nothing special planned. It will be our first spent together, but my honey's not much of a holiday-celebrating person - including birthdays. Because he's so expressive and caring practically every day, I am not complaining that we probably won't do something extra special (besides I have dance practice on Monday nights!) - I know that I am very lucky!

I'm finally feeling a little calmer. I can handle tomorrow and the coming weeks. (fingers crossed)

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