Monday, February 7, 2011

Laughter and Love (NaBloPoMo #7)

I love laughing with Sterling.

Laughing feels good in general - with friends, with strangers, with people who annoy you even. Norman Cousins believed that laughter helped to release endorphins that assisted in managing his pain.

We all know what belly-shaking laughter does - it makes one's body pulsate with good feeling and oftentimes, that incredible feeling of well-being continues and can even be recalled.

I knew in junior high that I hoped the man I fell in love with would be funny and could make me laugh. I defiitely lucked out on that one. We can be quite intense - that's for sure! But our moments of levity bring me so much happiness and sustain me...

We have silly, quite adolescent jokes that keep being recycled. I feel like that young school kid giggling out of control over something really stupid and noone else really gets it, but it doesn't matter because of the delicious knowledge of an inside joke...

Sometimes he'll tell me I can be witty. Perhaps. But we make pun jokes, and clever twists on a point of view, and alas, we can waddle through the best of bathroom humor, too. Sterling has a wonderful way of laughing as his shoulders silently shake while he laughs at me.

In fact, that is one of the things that endeared me to him. I loved being able to elicit a laugh from him even if it was at my expense.

I wish I could share one of these side-splitting topics.... but at the moment, they are all inappropriate or quite embarrassing (to me, that is!)

I look forward to sharing a lifetime of a plethora o' laughter--giggles, chortles, guffaws, cackles... hooting, howling, crowing, snickering, snortling, twittering and tittering! I've laughed so hard that odd noises come out of me and of course, that alone with incite another round of helpless laughter. I love that we are often laughing as we hug - or is it we end of hugging because we're laughing. Either way, I intend to keep these sounds fresh and ongoing.

Maybe I'll write about what makes me laugh.... What makes you laugh???

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