Monday, February 7, 2011

The Discipline of Writing (NaBloPoMo #6)

I've not quite done it for a full week yet, but writing daily really is a challenge. It's let me also see just how busy I've been this past week, when it's been one of my "lighter" weeks.

To take a moment to sit and contemplate a topic and to actually put something on paper, even though not always inspired, has been a challenge. Even if I felt it needed much editing or that it really needed to be redone, because I chose to commit to posting a blog entry every single day this month, it meant I still had to post even if I didn't like the final outcome.

Letting go of imperfection - hard.

Letting go of the need to apologize for those entries I'm not too happy about - hard.

Carving out time even if at the end of the day to honor the commitment - really hard.

This really is a lesson in following through and I'm hoping to come out the other end of it a little wiser.

A surprising lesson is really understanding just how busy I am. To parcel out this time is often late at night and it seems silly to be spending time right before bed, obviously sacrificing sleep time to do this. But I figure that I will learn how to adjust my time more and to actually find ways to free up my time.

I think there's more that I will be learning from this, but it's only been a week.... We shall see...

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