Friday, February 11, 2011

Other people cleaning = losing my things (NaBloPoMo #11)


Today was a little difficult. Feeling a little overwhelmed, a little uncomfortable. Feeling hypersensitive to various people's subtle energies.

Did not get much accomplished by way of my own list of things to do... but again, that is the nature of the job.

It can be extrememely frustrating at times, of course. What is humorous (and slightly aggravating!) is that while I was out of the office yesterday, the volunteer ladies "tidied up." You know, like how your mother would go into your room and "clean"? (Oh, wait, your mother never had to tidy your room for you...? oops).

Well, yesterday's cleaning spree meant that another regular volunteer and I could not find some things for awhile today.

I have to hang my head, for I know that the stacks and piles were becoming unsightly. I know I can do better on that end. But my stuff!

A number of phone calls - important enough to take, but time-consuming - visitors throughout the day. I can feel the stressful feelings of "overwhelm" hovering over my shoulders and around my chest area. I must come in on the weekend to get stuff done. Beginning Monday we have two interns in the office...!

These are the types of feelings that I need to learn to dissipate. I want to learn how to nip these moods and rises in blood pressure so that it does not affect me physically!

Must breathe. I'm not good at meditating. Stretch. Oh, I know. Just head home and cuddle with my honey. Yeah! That calms me pretty good.

Still have dance practice tonight.... today's entry, not cutting into sleep time, nope!

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