Sunday, February 20, 2011

Entry of nothing (NaBloPoMo #20)

Sterling is looking at me wondering how things are going as I sit in front of the computer wondering what to write about. It's 11pm and I want to be in bed by 11:30.... so what shall I write about.

He's laughing at me because as I ponder, I serve my dishes to the customers of My Cafe in Cafe World and then I start folding a golden origami crane for my friend, Lynde.... There's a time limit, so nothing too heavy, but am I just going to just write about not knowing what to write about?

Still don't know what to write about.. blah.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's day off. I hope a quiet day, spent idly, without time constraints, but satisfying! Been waiting for ideal time for a deep massage - hope to get it tomorrow.... maybe a stroll through Wilson Park, just enjoying the company. A day of re-energizing, full of more bonding, sharing and laughter.

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