Friday, February 4, 2011

Denise's Healing Journey (NaBloPoMo #4)

Received a card from my dear friend, Denise. It was a thank you card for a gift I sent on Christmas. I wasn't sure if she'd get it, but she did and I am touched that she took time out to send a card.

As she herself has put it, she is on a cancer journey, on her way to heal. She has been wonderfully open and brave and sharing her triumphs and difficult moments via her blog with the help of her family members, namely her mother. She began blogging on November 30 where she told her readers and supporters:
I wish for you to not to think of this as something ugly or bad but simply something that is here as part of my journey in this life.  I ask that you continue to keep your thoughts of me in the light, positive and of a healing nature.  I don't feel negative/sad thoughts of or for me or the cancer will help any.  Whatever your belief in a higher power I would appreciate your thoughts/prayers/meditations/good wishes...whatever your modality. 
Denise has the right outlook and amazing perspective and I believe that she will overcome this challenge. She is inspiring her friends and family and her spirit and strength is touching others.

I've known Denise for over just over 20 years since college days when we both worked in the residential life area. (I'll try to dig up a photo to share in the near future.) We were programmers and then Resident Advisors together. She has the bestest smile with a no-nonsense approach and a strong chuckle that can coax a smile even if you're not sure why she's laughing. Intelligent, beautiful, social and confident, she was always lots of fun to be around.

Since college, we haven't lived close to one another, although she has made many trips and attempts to keep in touch with all of the RA folks that are still in the southern CA area. She is the one that you can count on and expect will have solutions to everything.

Which is why, even more so, as she is going through a difficult period, she still has the solution and you feel she's got it covered. All I want to do is cheer her on and send whatever I can to add to her already powerful spirit.

It need not be said that there are many different types of people in our lives - ones that are constantly with us, those only for a short while, and then those that though not constant, leave an indelible impression. Denise and I were never as close as she or I were with other RAs that we worked with, but she will always have a special place in my heart and I look forward to having an RA get together when she is well again.

If you are so inclined, please send healing and positive vibes to my friend in Manteca!

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