Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting with physical blah

Third day of continued entries!

I went to sleep yesterday feeling really blah. I had tension in my neck and shoulders and I think dinner was a little too short on the veggies. I indulged in green tea ice cream and I wanted to blame it on that! It was like feeling like in a food coma, fuzzy, body uncomfortable. I was right cranky.

Sterling did give me a good neck massage but he couldn't adjust it because of residual tightness. That's another sign my body gives me with this stress stuff. This morning awoke from a dream that was tense. Body still feeling alittle out of whack...

So our performance went without a hitch - backup plans for costume worked, email to the young women from Okinawa was fine, just a few things I couldn't catch on the to-do list. It was good to watch the other performers that were there.

Today, I need to coordinate an airport pick-up, final food ordering for the Welcome Party, possible El Segundo pick-up prior to the party.... probably will miss Taiko practice, some sanshin practice. Tomorrow I'll miss dance practice for a bazaar meeting...

This is all work-related today. I need to squeeze in the sanshin for it is to prepare for next week's performance at our bazaar.... the one that will then really occupy my mind for this next week...

But I get ahead of myself. I need to take one day at a time. Am going to the gym for a short workout to get the blood pumping.

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