Friday, October 5, 2012


It's a Friday morning. And things are only going to ramp up for the next week and a half. A bit tiring to just think about, actually. This feeling of overwhelm is not unfamiliar, but thankfully, not a constant. But even this temporary overwhelm is damaging - I can feel it's physical and mental toll. And I don't want the strength of the negativity to grow...

I need to write. I need to reflect. I need to sit. And I need to "make space."

I know this, even as I multi-task, work late hours, try to get sleep, and worry about a multitude of things--family, health, work, future, commitments, money, work, work, work. (argh)

If I could get to those "needs," I will find centeredness, calm and probably renewed energy.

This morning, I was "led" through small connections to write a little...

The concept of Wounded Healer led to learning of the Medicine Buddha - Yakushi Nyorai in Japanese - which led to thinking of Buddhism in general, which led to an acknowledgement of a tool I have been considering for years to start a site, and then on to meditation, then spirituality...

The thought of writing regularly on things that inspire me, made me happy and of course, also terrified me. Clear signs - but when will I get to that?

So, I am carving with a spoon, this moment, as an attempt to "make space."

No promises, no judgment. Just this present moment.

Breathing, being still, listening to the trash truck nearby... Today, I will consciously breathe more.

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