Monday, September 1, 2014


It's been a week since the workshop in Las Vegas that I attended. I mean to share about what that experience was like... only to find that I am slipping into old patterns ever so quickly.

The things that occupied my time and my life "plate" - well, I put them on hold for the weekend and it was lovely because I was able to focus solely on those questions and examining what it is I really want. And now, since I am choosing to not just chuck and "fuck it" - well, I want to complete what's on the plate without taking on anything new.

And I'm thinking that mentally, that may not be enough. I've already seen in the one week post-workshop after deciding certain things about my future, the signs that show that I'm embarking on the correct path.

I think it's hard to continue to live incongruently once you've realized that things are incongruent, no matter that one tells themselves that it's just for a bit longer.

That is where I'm at. Things to complete, before I want to move onto the next thing. But currently wondering if I can actually begin to "move on to the next things" before I actually complete the incomplete. I am concerned about the time that is being taken away from completing the things. I feel as if I could put more time into completing, the faster I can get to a place where I can concentrate 100% on what I "really" want to do.

But maybe I do need to do this transition simultaneously. This from the ADD girl who is afraid that she will lose focus. That is my resistance - that because of my mental chaos, that I will not be able to properly move onto the next thing as well as complete what I want to complete to close this current life.

But maybe God and the Universe will actually help me to stay on track because then, I will be aligning myself more and more to congruency.... perhaps...

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