Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Part of the Solution

It's quite late... but needed to post something...

Hindsight is 20/20, that's for sure. Much things can be gleaned from going over the past and re-tracing one's steps. Through examining how things contributed to misunderstandings or compounded a sensitive situation, perhaps it's very easy to see how a different action or reaction might have led to a different outcome.

Everyone has differing perceptions. And perception is reality. So how many realities can there be? Multiple. It's a wonder we can have successful relationships at all, given it's possible that we are all interpreting things differently!


Since we cannot control or demand another to see something our way, simply because we believe it to be true, the next best thing is to listen intently and with the desire to connect with the other person. By understanding another person's perceptions, so might we learn to have more compassion, empathy, and even patience.

When speaking to a dear friend about regrets I had tonight, and areas that I felt I needed to take responsibility for, she gently offered back, think of it now as being part of the solution.

I am hopeful.

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